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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Zachary Yoho who was born in Springfield, Ohio on September 28, 1987 and went to his Heavenly home on March 30, 2007 at the age of 19. We will remember him forever. 

Zachary was the center of our world.  Everyone that knew him was instantly drawn to him.  He made everyone feel like they were the most special person in the world.  Being there for his friends and helping them with their problems was one of Zacharys many special gifts.  

He loved music.  He loved being involved in his high school musical productions and band and choir.  

Zachary was attending the Free Will Baptist Bible college in Nashville, TN when the Lord called him home.  Zachary had been dealing with diabetes since the age of 10 and was diagnosed with epilepsy just a few days before meeting his Savior.  He never let his disease get him down.  When he was diagnosed with epilepsy, he just said "at least it's not cancer.".  He always had a positive attitude about things.

Zachary always had a smile on his face and if you were having a bad day, just seeing his smile would pick you up.  He loved taking pictures of himself and his friends and family.  He won a couple ribbons at our county fair for his photography.  He had a knack for taking creative pictures.  Zachary truly loved his life and living for the Lord.  He was so happy to be able to be part of the Bible college.  He had been looking forward to attending there since about 7th grade.  He met so many wonderful people there.  We are so thankful he had the opportunity to fulfill that dream.

Zacharys last year of life on this earth was filled with so much.  He went to New York with his senior class, he went to France with E-team through the Bible college, he worked his second year on Truth and Peace and he attended the Free Will Baptist Bible college.  He was truly enjoying life to the fullest.

We will never understand why God chose to take Zachary from us so soon, but we believe that He had a reason.  We know that we will see Zachary again someday in Heaven, but until then we have to keep busy serving the Lord here on earth.

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Happy 29th Birthday   / Mom
So hard to believe that in a just little bit you would be turning 29 years old. I wish I could give you a party, but I'm sure there's no party here that could compare to the joy you are having in Heaven. I hope all of Heaven will be singing Happy Bi...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday   / Sonya Henry (His other Mom )
Today is your birthday.  I can't begin to imagine all that you would have become and what you would be doing.  I know that we would be proud of you.  We miss you so much!!  I know that today is very difficult for Mom and Dad. ...  Continue >>
Zachary singing Who Am I   / Mom
Here is a clip of Zachary singing.  This is the only way I can figure out to get it on his page.  Hope it will work.
4 Years in Heaven   / Mom
I thought it was supposed to get easier as time went on but it's been 4 years and it isn't happening yet.  You were such a bright spot in this ugly world.  It still doesn't make sense that you aren't here.  God must have had something ...  Continue >>
Christmas in Heaven   / Mom
Prom Preparation  / Erin Dye (one of his many best friends )    Read >>
today / Samantha Sanderson Formaly Patton (one of his best friends )    Read >>
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Immediate impact. Lasting impressions.  / Jon Forlines (student)    Read >>
Zach's impact  / Greg Ketteman (Friend)    Read >>
Another season  / Mom     Read >>
none / Cathy Howard (Aunt)    Read >>
Happy B-day Friend  / Krissy Noel (very good friend )    Read >>
You're 21 Now...  / Mom     Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Kera Zint (friend)    Read >>
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His legacy
Zacharys legacy  
Zachary's legacy he left for this world may not make the papers or be recorded in any history books, but to some people it made all the difference in their world.  He truly knew how to show his love for people.  He could sense when people were having a down day and he would just do something silly or thoughtful to cheer them up.  If we could all learn from that one characteristic, this world would be a lot better place for all of us.  

Zachary was good at putting other people above himself.  He could truly be happy when someone else achieved one of their goals.  Zachary had many great qualities that made him a wonderful person, but his love for everyone had to be his biggest asset.  

but the greatest of these is love"
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